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Selection Criteria

Contributors to SurgWiki need to meet or exceed the following selection criteria:

  • appropriate tertiary qualifications in a medicine related field;
  • published (or accepted for publication) as an author or co-author in at least two quality peer-reviewed journals.

Although there may be exceptions, we expect the majority of our contributors to meet or exceed these criteria. Contributor approval may also be subject to a probationary period depending on experience and academic standing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register with my CV on SurgWiki to contribute?
As the subject of SurgWiki is surgery, we need to ensure the community editing the site has the appropriate background and knowledge. To help us maintain this accuracy, all CVs are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief of SurgWiki (and ANZ Journal of Surgery). If you meet our selection criteria, we will approve your account and you can begin contributing.

How do I define a quality publication?
Although the definition of quality can be subjective, a good guide is to consider the journal’s impact factor at the time of your research’s publication. Whether it is listed in NCBI’s PubMed can also be a good indication of its quality.

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