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Introduction (Breast surgery)
Anatomy of the adult breast
Benign breast disease
Cyclical mastalgia
Non-cyclical mastalgia
Benign breast lumps
Giant fibroadenoma
Phyllodes tumour
Breast cysts
Mammary duct ectasia and periductal mastitis
Nipple discharge
Clinical features and investigation
Management of nipple discharge
Relationship of benign breast disease to breast cancer
Gynaecomastia in males
Breast cancer
Breast cancer: Introduction
Breast cancer: Incidence
Breast cancer: Risk factors
Breast cancer: Spread of breast cancer
Breast cancer: Staging of breast cancer
Breast cancer: History
Breast cancer: Clinical examination
Breast cancer: Investigations
Breast cancer: Pathology features
Breast cancer: Screen-detected breast cancer
Treatment of breast cancer
Treatment of breast cancer: Breast surgery
Treatment of breast cancer: Axillary dissection
Treatment of breast cancer: Complications of surgery
Treatment of breast cancer: Breast reconstruction
Treatment of breast cancer: Radiotherapy
Treatment of breast cancer: Adjuvant systemic therapy
Treatment of breast cancer: Ovarian ablation
Follow-up: Detection of local recurrence
Follow-up: Detection of distant recurrence
Follow-up: Screening for a new breast primary
Follow-up: Management of treatment-associated toxicities
Follow-up: Psychosocial support
Pregnancy and breast cancer
Metastatic breast cancer
Metastatic breast cancer: Examination and investigation
Treatment of metastases
Treatment of metastases: Endocrine therapy
Treatment of metastases: Chemotherapy
Treatment of metastases: Radiotherapy
Treatment of metastases: Surgery
Treatment of metastases: Supportive treatment
Treatment of metastases: Prevention of breast cancer

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